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Push Your Comfort Zone Everyday


Our comfort zone feels so nice. It’s a cozy little bubble that we run around living our life through. It acts as a handy filter for ourselves, so that we interpret events in the same old patterns, think the same things, and take the same actions day in day out.

The comfort zone can be a good thing. It can be formed to help us repeat the actions that we know will bring us to familiar places of reassurance. That’s all well and good, but the problem with our comfort zone is that it soon begins to choke us and make us feel un-alive, like we are stagnating. Stuck.

Living life in our comfort zone is easy. It takes practically no effort, which is why we love it so much. However, something that is evident in our universe is the principle of entropy – the idea that things are naturally moving towards a state of disorder. If we stay in our comfort zone, that is what we are doing, our entropy slowly increases and we become more un-alive, bored and frustrated over time.

One thing you can do to instantly bring things into a state of more ‘order’ (e.g. more happiness, more aliveness and more excitement) is to do, say or be something that is outside of your comfort zone.

Pushing through fear has led to some of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. Fear is an illusion, it feels very real but if we decide to challenge that fear we will realize that it is almost the opposite. On the other side of fear lie excitement, abundance, health, happiness and complete and utter joy.

I don’t really know why that is, but it is what I have found to be true. Pushing through fear may give us a natural high when we realize that we are still alive afterwards. It feels incredible, and often our own intuition is guiding us to face these fears because it is what will help us grow most as a person.

Pushing your comfort zone is simple but not easy. Whenever you get that feeling of your heart jumping, or a lump in your throat feeling, or your heartbeat quickens. Whenever you feel that – you have to do the opposite of what your initial reaction tells you to do. If you see a cute girl at the bus stop and cringe at the thought of striking up a conversation, then guess what you’ll be doing? Yep…

As a matter of fact, I have randomly struck up conversations with strangers many times and each time I get that pang of fear, but afterwards I’m almost always much better off for having done it. What is important is that you push through fear – not the outcome. Face that seemingly big monster of negative emotion, and that is enough to instantly make you feel much better.

Each time you do this, you are placing beneficial stress on your psyche. You are doing something challenging, and if you do this regularly, your psyche will begin to grow and expand in strength, knowledge and vitality. Your comfort zone will begin to grow. It’s like when you lift a weight and feel sore, but a few days later you can lift more. Whenever you push through fear, it is scary and might even hurt at first, but then you do it and you feel calm and more proud of yourself, and you find that you are much less scared of whatever it is you confronted in the first place. In many cases that fear is completely gone.

A life spent living this way will be the most exciting life you have ever lived. In fact, it is the life that you dream about living all the time. Your desired life is on the other side of fear, just outside of your comfort zone.

Push your comfort zone everyday.

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