Tips on Body Scans for Visual People


Personally I’m a very visual person. When doing a body scan I’ve found that it’s very difficult for me to focus on a particular part of my body like my foot, ankle, or wrist when there is no sensation there at all. I may be able to initially turn my attention to it but it’s difficult to maintain my attention for a long period of time on that specific body part.

One tip I’ve found helpful is instead of focusing my attention on that area on my body I actually visualize my body as if I’m viewing it from a 3rd person point of view. When I can actually “see” the body part in my mind I find it much easier to remain focused.

Another tip when focusing on a part of your body that lacks a noticeable feeling is to acknowledge the absence. It sounds strange to become aware of something that isn’t there, but by using the technique above you can observe the body part even though you don’t have any physical sensation to grasp onto. Most importantly, as with all meditation don’t try to force any feelings, simply observe them as they arise.



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