How to Become More Mindful While Commuting


So many of us lead very busy lives nowadays, that we may surmise that we do not have enough time in the day to meditate or to practice mindfulness. This is most definitely not the case. The beauty of mindfulness is that it’s one of those things that can be done anywhere, anytime without anyone knowing that you are doing it.

So, if you find yourself on your daily commute to work or to drop the kids off, or anywhere where you are traveling, remember to practice mindfulness.

Whether your commuting route involves walking, driving, riding the bus or train, swimming, etc. remember to practice mindfulness!

“Basically, be aware of every small detail.”

Walking meditation has been around for many centuries, and it involves the practice of mindfulness whilst one is walking. Typically it is structured with a pre-set path of a certain number of steps you will take whilst you engage in the meditation.

However, for our intents and purposes it’s best not to walk in circles on our daily commute, lest we be thought of as insane!

Instead take the same route you usually do, but this time become aware of your shoes hitting the floor with each step, the sound each step makes, the feeling of your feet inside your shoes, and don’t forget to take note of your current emotions and thoughts.

Really take the time to absorb the totality of the scenery around you. Immerse yourself in the environment you find yourself in. This includes noticing small details such as the pavement, the intricacies of the architecture, even a blade of grass that stands out to you.

Do this whether you are walking or not. If driving or on public transport, be aware of the people around you, their expressions, the sound the bus or train makes as it moves. The weaving of your vehicle does through the streets and lanes, how your hands feel on the steering wheel, the movement you make as you change gears. Basically, be aware of every small detail.

Become aware of the numerous details along your commute for as long as is comfortable for you, and be sure to do this every day. If this is a commute that you are familiar with, then that is all the more reason to get to know the details of what you notice on your commute and to have them stick. Know them like the back of your hand, and if you consistently notice those details and make an effort to notice new details, then you will be building up your mindfulness muscle over time.

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