Become Mindful While Listening to Music


Music can afford us a very rich experience. Full of multi-layered drums, instruments, vocals, nuances and evoked emotions.

Have you ever listened to a song once, twice, five, however many times and have disliked it, then you listen to it once more at a later date and it sounds completely different?

This happens to me often. It’s not a case that song grows on me; it’s simply that I wasn’t paying full attention to the nuances in the music to bring the realization that I actually like the song.

This just goes to show that there is a lot that we may miss in a song if we are not mindful of its intricacies. So take the time to truly appreciate this whenever you listen to music.

I am not particularly knowledgeable on music theory, but for the purpose of mindfulness you do not necessarily have to be.

Whether it’s pop on the radio or obscure hipster music, for just one song a day notice its details.

Notice the drum track that is beating throughout, notice the different notes being played, and notice the bass and the undertone it provides to the music. Notice how each component plays with each other, and the dance that this music creates.

Most of all, notice what the music brings out in you – how the music makes you feel, the thoughts, feelings or memories that it evokes. Become aware of this and do not judge what comes up, or try to shun or overly-accept it.

Listen to that really difficult song you’ve been avoiding that reminds you of a breakup, or of a dead loved one, and be mindful through whatever experience comes forth for you.

Listen to your absolute favorite songs in the entire world, and experience the joy they bring to your soul.

Let the music play you, and observe it as it does.

If you make music, practice being mindful as you create music or play music. Feel each chord you play, each string, each key that you compress. Experience the music in its entirety.

Who knows, this could very well lead you to a greater capacity for creativity, and a greater capacity for learning songs a lot easier.

If you just like to listen, then this daily practice will give you a newfound way of appreciating your music. It will deepen the love for your favorite songs and make discovering new ones very appealing.

Just be mindful for the duration of just one song you listen to a day!

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